Beefsteak Fungus (Fistulina hepatica)


Common host(s)                   Broadleaves especially oak and sweet chestnut. Mature & veterans rather than young semi-mature stock.

Colonisation strategy           Penetrates into hosts via wounds.

Symptoms                            Fruiting bodies start as creamy-white, soft lumps, then develop into large, fleshy tongue or liver-shaped brackets, orange/red/brown/purple. Bruise reddish. Annual.

Type of rot                           Brown cubical heart rot, that does not weaken the tree as much as some other brown rots in the initial stages.

Part(s) of tree affected        Usually stem base, sometimes higher in tree.

Significance                          Not particularly virulent, and relatively slow to weaken a tree. Trees that are otherwise healthy can resist the infection well for years. Brittle fracture can occur.


All photographs are reproduced by kind permission of the Arboricultural Information Exchange