Ground Protection

O’Brien Horticulture Professional Tree Care & Landscape utilise a ground protection system that is designed to form temporary roads46 Lawn Proiection Mats up to 50 Ton-9 and footpaths. It is suitable for protecting grassed areas from erosion and rutting during Tree Surgery & Landscape projects and for the temporary protection of tree roots where site access routes need to pass close to trees. We can put a 60 ton crane in the middle of your lawn, remove 100’s of tons of timber and when we leave you would never know that we had been there!

Bottom Line – No Rutting, No Soil Compaction, No Re-Instatement Cost!!!!!!

In the event that a new permanent vehicular access path has to be routed within the root protection area of existing trees, then we can specify and install a Tree Root Protection System that provides a flexible and permeable ‘No-Dig solution’ for protecting tree roots, creating a robust and stable platform for constructing permanent vehicular access paths within the root protection area of existing trees, in full compliance with Industry Best Practice BS 5837