Domestic Tree Care

At the simplest level, the purpose of Tree & Shrub Pruning and Training is to ensure that they are as healthy and vigorous as possible, free of structural weakness and at the least risk of being infected by disease.67aa-72

In the event that Pruning / Tree Surgery is required, it must be emphasised that a badly pruned tree may become dangerously unstable and that the results are impossible to rectify, whereas skilful Tree Surgery should result in a tree that is safe and visually pleasing for very many years to come. We know the visual amenity value of your trees and the expert care they require to keep them safe so that they can continue to enhance the area they grow in.

Trees may suffer storm damage, they may shed branches, start to die-back, suffer from pests and disease, all of which may cause them to become hazardous. For this reason trees should be regularly inspected (please refer to Arboricultural Consultancy for details) and any necessary remedial action taken to maintain them in a safe and healthy condition.

O’Brien Horticulture Professional Tree Care & Landscape offers a variety of services (please refer to our Tree Surgery Web page for details) to help our domestic customers, from Arboricultural Advice to Tree Removal including;

Tree Felling Stump Removal
Pruning Emergency Works Tree Moving
Crown Reduction Hedge Maintenance
On-Site Green Waste Re-Cycling

We maintain large & small garden hedges and shrubs, from trimming and pruning to renovating / reduction. We can give species specific advice on the best timing and extent of pruning that should be undertaken in any one year to achieve the desired long-term result.

56 Overgrown Cypress Hedges Reduced   Trimmed-10We have the vision and expertise to design planting plans for new trees and shrubs that will add beauty and seasonal interest to your garden now and in the future.

We provide Arboricultural Consultancy services including preliminary and final reports for clients where neighbour disputes have occurred. We also provide health & safety surveys of trees for clients (please refer to Consultancy for details).