Site Clearance

O’Brien Horticulture Professional Tree Care & Landscape offers a variety of services to help our commercial customers, 61 Silverpines Feb 12 During-19from Arboricultural Consultancy to Site Clearance contract work.

We can undertake all site clearance duties from large sites to small areas. We provide On-Site Green Waste Re-Cycling for large sites requiring a Tub Grinder to small sites requiring a Truck and Chipper.

We can erect Protective Fencing around trees that are to be retained on-site, in accordance with Industry Best Practice (BS 5837) to ensure that there is no change to soil levels, contamination of soil, or any compaction of soil within the root zones. The protection of the Root Systems will ensure that the retained trees will continue to be healthy for many years after the site works have been completed.

16.Site Clearance  Ground Protection OBHThere is no point in retaining Mature Trees on a site if the Root System is not protected, as this will inevitably lead to the Trees Dying Back and becoming Hazardous, ultimately requiring their removal at considerable additional cost.